Fornax 3D: A magnitude-limited survey of galaxies within the virial radius of the Fornax Cluster


Despite the recent tremendous progress in our understanding of the formation and evolution of early-type galaxies (ETGs), several key issues remain unsolved.

In this respect, the nearby Fornax cluster provides a uniquely compact laboratory to study the history of ETGs and the role played by mergers and quenching in driving their size evolution and their transformation from spirals.

Using the superb capabilities of MUSE, we aim to obtain high-quality data for the central regions of all the ETGs within the virial radius of Fornax, as well as deep spectroscopic observations of their halos out to an unprecedented average distance of 4 effective radii.

Using state-of-the-art stellar dynamical and population modelling, we aim in particular at better characterising the disk components of fast-rotating ETGs, constraining radial variations in the stellar initial-mass functions and measuring the stellar age, metallicity and alpha-elements abundance of stellar halos in cluster galaxies.