The CLASH-VLT meeting INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte
The CLASH-VLT meeting is organized by Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte – OAC – Italian National Institute for AstroPhysics – INAF – in collaboration with the Ferrara University Department of physics and Earth Science – UniFe – and the Observatory of Trieste – OATs.

The VLT-ESO Large Programme "Dark Matter Mass Distribution of Clusters Hubble Treasury and the Foundations of ΛCDM Structure Formation Models", with the VIMOS spectrograph, is approaching completion. A wealth of spectroscopic data on 13 galaxy clusters of the Hubble Multicycle Treasury Program "CLASH" is becoming available to address a wide range of outstanding issues, in synergy with a very rich multi-wavelength/multi-observatory data set (HST, Subaru, LBT, Chandra, XMM, Spitzer, Hershel, VLA). Major objectives include the mass distribution of clusters to beyond the virial radius, the properties of distant lensed galaxies out to z~7 (and beyond), and the evolution of galaxy populations from low to high environmental densities. The CLASH-VLT project involves an international team of about fifty researchers from more than twenty research institutes worldwide, with a strong contribution from italian INAF Institutes (Napoli, Bologna, Milano, Trieste). The final set of obeservations is likely to provide ~30,000 VIMOS redshifts, with 500-1000 members per cluster, and the spectroscopic confirmation for over 200 distant lensed galaxies.

The aim of the workshop is:

  • 1. to review the status of the data processing and archiving of science ready data products;
  • 2. to report on recent results and on-going work;
  • 3. to identify all possible avenues for a full exploitation of the CLASH-VLT imaging/ spectroscopic data set;
  • 4. to coordinate the activities of various working groups;
  • 5. to plan publications and follow-up activities for at least the next year.

We therefore look forward to meeting all of you in Naples in October!

Amata, Mario and Piero