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OACDF Papers:

  proceedings of "Deep Fields meeting", 1999 in Garching

  SAIT 2002 in Padova

  SPIE 2002 in Hawaii

  XIII European workshop on White Dwarfs

  A gravitational lens induced by a cosmic string?

  The Capodimonte Deep Field. Presentation of the survey and first follow-up studies

  Search for Gravitational Lenses Near the Extragalactic Double Object CSL-1

  The Galactic Halo density distribution from photometric survey data: results of a pilot study

  White dwarfs in the Capodimonte Deep Field

  Reconstructiong the spatial distribution of the Galactic stellar halo

  White dwarfs in the Capodimonte Deep Field (WD2006 proceedings)

  Gauging the Dark Matter Fraction in an L* S0 Galaxy at z = 0.47 Through Gravitational Lensing from Deep Hubble Space Telescope/Advanced Camera for Surveys Imaging