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The OACDF data reduction

The task mscred under IRAF was used to perform the CDF data reduction. Unfortunately, the non-standard fits keywords in the header of the ESO-WFI images, in particular of those images obtained during the first OACDF run, were not compatible with IRAF. Hence, in order for any image tools to be able to recognise the multi-extension files, the image header was modified. The reduction steps consisted in the pre-reduction (debias, flat-fielding and defringing) astrometric calibration and stacking, and photometric calibration.

A detailed description of the pre-reduction steps, astrometric calibration and stacking can be found HERE, and the explanation for the photometric calibration can be found HERE.

A two-processor (with 500 Mhz each) DS20 machine with hundred Gbyte of hard disk was used for the data reduction.

Examples of three colour images of the reduced OACDF data can be found in the image gallery.

A new strategy for the astrometric calibration and stacking of the OACDF images has started in late January 2002. The resulting photometry in the new images is basically identical to the previous one. A detail explanation of the results can be found HERE.