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OACDF Image gallery

The OACDF images shown here are extractions of much larger images of the OACDF2 and OACDF4, that have been obtained by the combination of the B, V, and R stacked images. The total exposure times in the three bands are 2 hours in B and V (twelve ditherings of 10 minutes each were stacked to produce the B and V images) and 3 hours in R (thirteen ditherings of 15 each were stacked to produce the R image). The stacked images in the B and V bands were aligned relative to the R-band stacked image and adjusted to a logarithmic intensity scale prior to the combination. The typical seeing was of the order of 1 arc-sec in each one of the three bands. An ESO photo press release of the OACDF2 can be found also in ESO press photos 15a-f/01

A cluster of galaxies in the OACDF2
A field with interacting galaxies in the OACDF2  
Detail of interacting galaxies.  
An elliptical galaxy in the OACDF2.  
An spiral galaxy and a nebulous object in the OACDF2.  
Detail of the spiral galaxy and the nebulous object in the OACDF2.  
Other interacting galaxies in the OACDF2.  
A field in the OACDF4. Note the ringlike structure in the object to the west of the field.  
A detail of the galaxy with the ringlike structure of the field above.  
A detail of more galaxies in the field of the OADCF4 shown above.  
A detail of more galaxies to the south-west of the OADCF4.  
Interacting galaxies in the OADCF4.  
Detail of the interacting galaxies shown above.  
Another field in the central part of the OACDF4.  
Another field in the eastern part of the OACDF4.  
Another group of galaxies in the OACDF4.  
Detail of the group of galaxies to the upper left of the OACDF4 field shown above.  
More galaxies in the western part of the OACDF4.  
More galaxies in the western part of the OACDF4.  

Now some pictures of some of the members of the band:

Magda, serching for extragalactic Planetary Nebulae.  
Mario and Maurilio in a hot debate about the philosophy of colour term calibration and catalog extraction.  
Roberto Silvotti, Roberto the great !  
Maurilio, the catalog extractor ...  
Michail, the great master of hardware and software. Greetings from Moscow !  
Lino Grado, our Beowulf man.  
Vincenzo, with a nice light curve of a pre-main sequence delta-Sctuti type star on his portable computer.  
After an internal OAC-ASTROWISE meeting, everybody is happy ... From right to left: Roberto, Patricio, Lino, Mike, Giuseppe and Mario.  
The most important member of the band ... the right CATalog: MATULA  
Juan, seraching for weak T Tauri stars in the OACDF!!!!!????