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The observations

The observations for the OACDF project were performed in three different periods (18-22 April 1999, 7-12 March 2000 and 26-30 April 2000), using the WFI mosaic camera attached to the ESO 2.2m telescope at La Silla, Chile. Some 100 Gbyte of raw data were collected in each one of the three observing runs. The first OACDF run was done just after the commissioning of the ESO-WFI.

The observational strategy was to perform a 1 deg2 shallow survey and a 0.52 deep survey. Four adjacent 30 x 30 arcmin2 fields, covering a 1 x 1 square degree field in the sky, were observed in the B, V, R and I bands for the shallow survey. We call these fields OACDF1, OACDF2, OACDF3 and OACDF4. The following figure shows a scheme of the four OACDF regions.

The fields 2 and 4 were chosen for the 0.52 deep survey, which was performed in the B,V,R broad-bands and in the six intermediate-band fielters from 753-914 nm.

The following figures show the determined limiting magnitudes of the OACDF as function of wavelength. A more detailed description of the OACDF observations and limiting magnitudes can be found clicking HERE

Limiting magnitudes of the OACDF2 as function of wavelength  
Limiting magnitudes of the OACDF4 as function of wavelength