FDS        Fornax Deep Survey with VST

The Fornax Deep Survey at VST is a new, deep multi-imaging survey of the Fornax cluster.

FDS is a joint project based on the GTO survey FOrnax Cluster Ultra deep Survey (FOCUS, P.I. R. Peletier) and VEGAS (P.I. E. Iodice)

FDS aims to cover the whole Fornax cluster out to the virial radius (~0.7 Mpc, Drinkwater et al. 2001), with an area of about 26 square degrees around the central galaxy NGC1399, including the region where NGC1316 is located, on the SW (Fig.1).

Observations, in the u, g, r and i bands, started on November 2013 and will be completed in 2017.

The distribution of the early-type galaxies and spirals inside the virial radius are shown in Fig.2, and they are also listed in this table.

FDS science:

The FDS teams works on a variety of science topics, related to the formation and environment of galaxies and the role of the environment:

  1. The outer regions of galaxies: stellar halos, intra-cluster light, tidal tails and streams, role of the environment and comparison with simulation for the mass assembly

  1. The formation of dwarf galaxies: luminosity function, scaling relations, the nature of stellar nuclei, and their relation to supermassive black holes, star formation histories of galaxies, the role of the interstellar medium

  1. The formation of globular clusters and Ultra Compact Galaxies: stellar populations and the mass distribution in the cluster

  1. Background science: usinig the FDS we also study the area in front and behind the Fornax Cluster.

FDS publications:

  1. BulletIodice E., Spavone M., Cantiello M., D’Abrusco R. et al., 2017, ApJ, 851, 75: Intra-cluster patches of baryons in the core of the Fornax cluster

  2. BulletVenhola A., Peletier R., Laurikainen E. et al. 2017, A&A, 608, 142: The Fornax Deep Survey with VST III. Ultra diffuse Galaxies (UDGs) and Low Surface Brightness (LSB) galaxies in the center of the Fornax cluster

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  5. BulletD’Abrusco et al. 2016, ApJL 819, 31: The extended spatial distribution of globular cluster in the core of the Fornax cluster

Press release:

  1. Bullet ESO photo release: Inside the Fiery Furnace

  1. BulletMEDIA INAF release (in italian): VST tra i cannibali della Fornace

  2. Bullet  ESO photo release: Revealing Galactic Secrets