We are approaching the ESO-Data Release 2 and time has come to start discussing the status of the KiDS Science projects registered on the KiDS web-site.

The aim of the meeting is to gather people from the data production team and from the science teams to: 1) verify the status of the data acquisition; 2) discuss the implementation of the data quality and products (coadds, masks, catalogs) to best match the science project requirements; 3) discuss early results from the Science team and the progresses toward first KiDS publications.

This will be also the chance to check the status of the products to be delivered to ESO for DR2 and to compare the progresses made by the weak lensing team and the KiDS production team in terms of multi-band catalogs and image quality.


KIDS Science meeting

Naples 18-19 March 2014

INAF - Observatory of Capodimonte